Methods to reset an autopilot device

There are a few different ways to remotely reset a Windows 10/11 device from Intune: wipe, fresh start, reset.

The following table summarises the behaviours of each method.

MethodUsageOOBEUser dataIntune managementAzure AD enrollment
Retire/DeleteGet rid of outdated devicesYesKeepremoveremove
Wipe (keep enrollment)Reset device to default. Remove AppsNoKeepkeepkeep
WipeReset OS to default.
Good for lost stolen device and device handover
Fresh Start (keep user data)Reset device to Signature Edition, remove Apps.
Update to latest Windows version
Fresh StartReset device to latest Windows Signature Edition.
Update to latest Windows version
Autopilot ResetReuse a device.
Does not support Hybrid Azure AD joined devices

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